Ken Goldstein, aka Jack Dempsey, is an American singer-songwriter, musician, artist, actor and author from Illinois. He grew up in a small town twenty miles outside of Chicago, but was raised in the Maxwell Street Blues scene on the city's South Side and educated at the Old Town School of Folk Music on its North Side. His unique take on the Chicago sound of the 1970s has come to be known as “Dempsey Blues”. Prior to 2011, his music was primarily heard in television programs and films, and often under additional aliases. And then in 2011, under the direction of Jason Charles Miller and with guidance from mentor Billy Gibbons (of ZZ TOP), he recorded his first album, 24 Hour Rock Star. The album featured the piano and keyboard work of Christoph Bull (Disney Halls First & Grand) and included the songs One Kiss, The Stupidest Girl I Ever Did Love, and Ken’s homage to Maxwell Street, Suddenly. After 24 Hour Rock Star, he was invited to record his first solo record at Capitol Records in Hollywood. The album, entitled Dempsey Blues, is a collection of his early songs and includes How You Like Me Now, The LA Song, The Vegas Song, As Simple as That and What Chu Blame’n On Me featuring a duet with Ivan Neville and Ms. Brenda Lee Eager. In 2017 he will release his first solo acoustic album entitled Hello Breakdown under his given name.





Jack Dempsey 24 Hour Rock Star


In 2011 Ken recorded his first independent record under the alias, Jack Dempsey. Entitled 24 Hour Rock Star it had international radio success with his singles The Stupidest Girl I Ever Did Love and One Kiss. The album was recorded with producer Jason Charles Miller and features the world renowned organist and composer Christoph Bull. It also marks the first full record from Jack Dempsey. An early version of Ken’s song How You Like Me Now is on the play list and it appeared on the soundtrack of the feature film Snake & Mongoose as the movies’s theme song.


24 Hour Rock Star featuring The Stupidest Girl I Ever Loved

Jack Dempsey Dempsey Blues


In 2012 he partnered with music producer Niko Bolas (Neil Young, Keith Richards) to record his first solo blues album entitled Dempsey Blues. The album was recorded at Capitol Records and features Leland Sklar on bass; Waddy Wachtel on lead guitar; Ivan Neville on keys; Leon Mobley on percussion; and Lee Thornburg on horns. Ms. Brenda Lee Eager provided background and harmony vocals; with Lorenzo Elvis Murphy and Francisco Zanotti on drums. Photographers Henry Diltz, Peter Tangen, Tony Butler and Bryan Olinger documented the journey. The album was executive produced by Robert Loughan.

Dempsey Blues featuring How You Like Me Now



In 2014, Goldstein partnered with guitarist Alexander David Potts to form a two piece electric "Dempsey Blues" band. Soon they added a drummer and bass player and formed the hard rock group Buffalo Soldiers. The Soldiers we’re recording their first EP in Venice Beach when they were offered the opportunity to headline a few concerts along with the band Sublime with Rome. Eventually renaming the group FIXER, their final music video together was shot in the summer of 2014 as a live performance at the annual WayneStock Festival in the Mojave Desert.

FIXER featuring 120 Hours

The Damn LA Hustle EP


At the prompting of drummer Lorenzo Murphy, Ken formed a Dempsey Blues duo with drummer Daniel Thomson from the pop group The Calling. The two began re-arranging classic Dempsey songs and recording their first EP in 2015 under the direction of Andy Kravitz (Billy Joel, James Taylor, Jon Bon Jovi). Originally called Jack Dempsey & The Hustle, the two spent a year hosting residencies in Los Angeles with other touring and recording acts before eventually evolving into The Damn LA Hustle, which is currently rehearsing its first full record and preparing for their 2017 Summer tour, which begins at Musikfest in Pennselvania

Damn the LA Hustle featuring The Company Song

Ken Goldstein Hello Breakdown


Ken Goldstein is currently promoting his first solo acoustic album, 2017’s Hello Breakdown. The album was produced by Alexander Burke (Save Ferris) and recorded live in Los Angeles at Werewolf Heart Studios with support from Godin Guitars and Seagull Guitars. Rick Parker (The Dandy Warhols, Black Rebel Motorcycle) mastered the album. Ken is also hard at work finishing a ten song collection of solo acoustic piano songs entitled So This is Next which he will be recording in Chicago in the Fall of 2017.

Hello Breakdown featuring The Ballad of Jack D




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